Extension of application deadline until 25/04/2024


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The Training and Lifelong Learning Center (TLLC) of Democritus University of Thrace organizes the Lifelong Learning Program (Spring Workshop), in collaboration with Stockton University (New Jersey) entitled: «ISSUES OF INTERNATIONAL AND DOMESTIC LAW CONCERNING THE MUSLIM MINORITY IN THRACE».

Duration: 15-21 May 2024

Head of Workshop: Professor Konstantinos Antonopoulos

Academic Director of Studies: Assistant Professor Charikleia Aroni

Workshop Aim: Knowledge and understanding of basic historical, legal, political and social issues concerning the Muslim minority in Thrace. The minority interaction with other ethnic or religious groups and issues of diversity and inclusion in the region of Thrace.

Workshop Objective: Basic training in cultural pluralism and in realizing that inclusion and respect for diversity constitute the basis of social peace.

Learning: Knowledge of the historical and current position of the Muslim minority in Thrace and critical approach of its relations with Christian majority and other groups.

Candidates: The workshop is open to undergraduate and postgraduate students of the Departments of Law, Politics, Black Sea Studies and History& Ethnology of DUTH.

Candidate Qualifications: (a) Proficiency in English. (b) Interview in English

Educational program: During the program; visits to minority schools, cultural societies, culture museums and information briefings by State officials in charge of minority education and minority affairs.

Teaching material: Basic Bibliography list; power point seminar presentation.

Educational Program: All study Modules receive 0.13 ECTS


15 May


16 May


17 May


18 May


19 May


20 May


21 May

Welcome meeting


“The Lausanne Convention”

Dr. I. Pervou


“Minority Education in Thrace”

Ass. Professor G. Mavrommatis


Visit to Xanthi “Religious Freedom in Greece”

Dr. Ch. Aroni


“The Holocaust in Eastern Macedonia Thrace”

Dr. V. Ritzaleos


“Teaching Greek As A Second/Foreign Language”

Professor M. Dimasi


Bulgarian Sunday school
Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break
Visit to the Regional Education Authority and the Coordinator of Minority Education “Roma Education in Greece”

Professor G. Mavrommatis


The Armenian Church Historical Walk about the Jews in Komotini “Modern migration in Greece”

Ass. Professor V. Grammatikas


The Roma Basketry Museum
Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner

Attendance: All successful candidates are expected to attend seminar sessions and on-site visits. Non-attendance is excused if it does not exceed 15% of the total hours of seminar and on-site visits.

Evaluation: Attendee assessment is by multiple-choice questions exam

Certificate of Training: All successful candidates who successfully attend seminar sessions and on-site visits, have passed the evaluation test and have paid tuition fee shall receive a “Certificate of Training” that accounts for a total of 23 hours (16 hours of seminar sessions and 7 hours of on-site visits) and a total of 1,5 ECTS. Candidates who fail the evaluation test shall receive a Certificate of Attendance.

Teaching Staff

  1. Ioanna (Joan) PERVOU, Adjunct Lecturer in International Law, School of Law DUTH
  2. George MAVROMATIS, Associate Professor in Minority and Intercultural Education, Dept. of Education Sciences in Early Childhood DUTH
  3. Charicleia ARONI, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Black Sea Studies DUTH
  4. Vasileios RITZALAIOS, Special Teaching Staff in History, Dept. of Black Sea Studies DUTH
  5. Maria DIMASI, Professor of Language and Literature Didactics in Greece and the Black Sea Area, Dept. of Black Sea Studies DUTH
  6. Vasileios GRAMMATIKAS, Associate Professor, Dept. of Politics DUTH
  7. Raz SEGAL, Professor of Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Stockton University

Tuition Fees: €100.00 to be paid prior to the start date of the Workshop

Student Admissions: 15 (minimum) – 25 (maximum) students

Application Deadline: From Thursday 28 March 2024 until Friday 12 April 2024 (inclusive)

Extension of application deadline until 22 April 2024

Applications have the position of declaration of each candidate that he/she/it accepts unreservedly all terms of the educational program.

Applicants are to submit the following documents in pdf form alongside their Application of the Workshop Attendance: (1) ID or Passport photocopy/scan; (2) Certificate of Proficiency in English.

 Objections to final selection of successful candidates are admissible within five (5) days from announcement of final admissions results.

Contact Information:  Ms. Maria SPYRIDAKI Email: mkspyridak@gmail.com